Events & Workshops

Followed by a General Committee Meeting

When: Thursday 11th of September 2014

Where: Jandowae Cultural Centre

Time: 8.45am to 12:00pm

We have positions available on the committee in several of our areas.  If you are interested in joining the BJFG committee we would love to hear from you.  Please email us at  To see what catchment you fall into click HERE.


BJFG members interested in carrying out projects to improve the sustainability of the environment, community and agricultural production are encouraged to provide BJFG with an “Expressions of Interest” Form at any time.  By responding to Landholders requests, BJFG will be driven by community needs and focused on delivery relevant projects.  For an “Expression of Interest” form CLICK HERE.



Projects & Funding

Everyone's Environment Grant - "Those Worrisome Weeds"

BJFG have been awarded $40,000 funding for the above project to run from 1/10/13 to 1/10/15.  This project is to help stabilize the creek systems of the Jinghi Jandowae Cooranga Downfall catchments and throughout the BJFG catchment area.  Work will include fencing of riparian areas to exclude stock from further destablizing the creek banks and leading to erosion.  Weed control will also be undertaken.  Local landholders will donate their time and machinery to erect fencing and eradicate weeds.  One of the sections within this project will include the removal of 12 Athel Pines on the grounds of the Jimbour State School.  Athel Pine is declared a type 3 weed.

Control of Feather Top Rhodes and African Love Grass in Agricultural Systems 2013/2014

BJFG have recently been awarded a grant to look at novel ways to combat Feather Top Rhodes and African Love Grass.  For information on how you can be involved in this project, please phone our Project Officer Phil Labrie on 0427 664 940 or email the office at

Condamine Alliance - "Enrich" Program

Condamine Alliance is offiering landholders the chance to receive assistance and support to remove weeds, revegetate, control feral animals, plan for fire management and monitor flora and fauna improvements.  If you live in one of the project's targeted locations you may be eligible.  Free information session for landholders from Bell, Jandowae, Bunya Mountains and surrounds - Tuesday 25th of June 2013, Yamison Hall, Bunya Mountains Road.  9:30am to 10:30am. RSVP for catering purposes by Friday 21st of June by phoning Heather Smith on 0403 462 686.




To view our latest newsletter and complete our survey click HERE.

BJFG Equipment Available for Hire

BJFG have the following equipment available for our members to hire:

Yeoman's Plough
Rates: $16.50 (inc GST) per/ha

Quik Spray
Rates: $16.50 (inc GST) per day or $82.50 (inc GST) per week

Pasture Seeder
Rates: $5.50 (inc GST) per/ha

For more information and to hire BJFG equipment, please phone Project Officer Phil Labrie on 0427 664 940.

Soil Organic Matter and Soil Carbon - Presentation by David Lawrence (QDAFF). To view this presentation click here.  It explains from the soil samples they have completed throughout Queensland, the extent to which cropping and clearing land for pasture, reduces soil organic matter levels and why it is important we halt the decline.

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2012 New Weeds of National Significance

CLICK HERE to view an update on new weeds of national significance.  You can also view this information at and


For regular updates on projects, funding & workshops Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our email/fax Member Update Service.

BJFG Services

Bambatsi Pasture

Serving our Region
The Brigalow Jimbour Floodplains Group (BJFG) undertakes a wide range of activities within the Condamine Catchment on the Darling Downs. These include a project officer, incentives that improve the environment, social initiatives, liaison and educational workshops.

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About Us

About BJFG

Creating a sensitive plan for the modern environment
BJFG was formed 1n 1992 to address the increasingly complex agricultural problems associated with farming on the Condamine floodplain. A plan was needed which was sensitive to modern environmental awareness, catered for high value crops, delivered economic stability, was flexible and took into account the ageing rural community.

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Thank you to our Sponsors

BJFG would like to thank AGDATA, based in Toowoomba, for supplying & sponsoring the Group's Phoenix Gateway Financial Management program.

BJFG is a non-for-profit organisation supporting natural resource managment in our region through incentive programs & workshops.  Consequently, we are required to account for all aspects of our business, and Phoenix Financial is well suited to our requirements.  We are most grateful for AGDATA's support.


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